The "things to watch on Netflix or amazon" thread

Help me watch new stuff on Netflix! I’ll throw three out there that people are probably not aware of.

The Iran job
After the wedding

The Brass Teapot ( Amazon)
Deadwood season 1 & 2 (Amazon) if you can get past the foul language i is an incredible series.

Interested. Anyone know if Marco Polo is any good?

I tried watching the pilot once. I couldn’t get into it. Haven’t given it another shot yet.

[QUOTE=2ndJenn;2326505]The Brass Teapot ( Amazon)
Deadwood season 1 & 2 (Amazon) if you can get past the foul language i is an incredible series.[/QUOTE]

Watched the brass teapot just now! Really good. Deadwood was awesome but had a very sad and unfulfilling ending for the type of show it was (kind of like Stargate universe and carnivale). I wonder if the ratings weren’t there?

Also on Amazon:
Dead like Me season 1&2 one of my favorite cable series
Any of the three Trailor Park Boys movies. They are low budget Canadian movies made after the series was cancelled. The one liners are classic ( very low brow humor).

FYI, Netflix has a newer season of trailer park boys. Cory is back but no Trevor.

Netflix in Canada sucks. Much less good/quality content than in the US. A VPN can be used to access US Netflix from Canada BUT lately there have threats from the regulator (CRTC), ISPs, and even Netflix to prosecute border-jumpers. Worth the potential hassles from authority?

The whole point of a VPN is so that prying eyes can’t see the actual endpoint (your machine) of the connection…so if you’re using a decent one, what are they gonna do? Federal judge also just ruled recently that just having an IP address that pirated a movie wasn’t enough to order the ISP to give up the name associated with said IP…especially with as easy as wi-fi security is to crack.

80/20 it was just them doing a little saber-rattling like North Korea launching a space rocket right into the ocean.


Shun li and the poet

Daredevil (the series)
House of Cards

Can we add good Roku channels to this thread as well? I’m looking to get one.

I don’t see why not. does anyone who cares to post in here have a roku?

is that japanese tentacle porn?

at this point, pretty much everything is japanese tentacle porn.

I ordered a Roku 3 and it should be here on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, stumbled across a movie called The Babadook on Netflix (actually thought it was an anime) and we really liked it. I don’t think we would have watched it if we had seen the trailer first though.

Micro Cosmos is a great nature documentary type thing. Like Planet Earth.

The babadook was pretty good. Kid was annoying.