Thermostat HELP!

ok ive searched and found no answers, now my problem is i changed thermostat a week ago and now the gasket is leaking coolant from the bottom of it. These were both aftermarket pieces (thermo and gasket) from discount auto(i kno im cheap…haha) so I’m thinking that might be the problem. I was thinking of using hondabond on the inside and seal the $^## out of it…haha, I have the thermostat housing off now and I can see exactly where its leaking from the bottom of the gasket. What do you gurus’s suggest? Try to seal the gasket good or just go get these OEM parts from the dealer? Or maybe just the gasket? Let me know ASAP! :rockon:

Same thing happened to me, I just didnt get the thing lined up right put it back in (BTW I barly had to use any sealant) and start to tighten the bolts back up, stilde your finger under the thermo housing and feel for the seal, it will probably be sticking out, just shove it back up in there, carfully of course so that things are still lined up, and tighten it.

i would go oem on parts like that

get OEM parts, they are only like $13, and much higher quality. I put a cheapo thermostat in my car a few years ago, only lasted about a year.