Thinking Of Parting With My DA

Well Fellas Iv Owned 3 DA’s and I just jumped back into a 94 eg and Im thinking of letteing my old DD turned project DA go.
Really Im just wondering what you guys think it would be worth.
91 Bone Stock, it will start and rive but the thrust bearing are on there way out so i havnt drove it in months cause i know it gunna get worse till it completly goes.
stock LS has 210k and been running great for me for 4 years till this.its completly intack insode and out. has two pretty bad dents on the drive door, and rear driver quarter panel then a few normal ding and such.Not a drop of rust.
As far as the interior its not horrible but carpet is pretty nasty and some good stains on the rear seats and it does have a “moldy” smell from when the sunroof drain tube would cause the trunk to fill with water then make it way in side from driving.
But really im just wondering what you guys think i should sell it for, i guess id consider it just a shell cause the motors pretty much done for but Im probley yankin it before i sell it.
So how much you think its worth, or what would you pay for it if you wanna look at it like that. thanks fellas

If it has “two bad dents on driver side door, and rear quarter panel” then i dont think it would be that much.

repairable dents,one on the door other on the quarter. maybe the size of a size 10 shoe… dent puller and some body filler.
definetly would not have to get a door skin or weld on a new rear quarter, definetly fixable.
so what cha guys think??

a lot of pics would help you