third bad alternator

well i/m on my third alternator and battery and i’m pissed for the frist few weeks it starts up just fine and then one day go to start it and…:bang:…nothing just cliking. so i get the battery charged hook it up start it cranks rite up and the alternator charges the battery every thing good and then days later its draining the battery why is this happening

is there a grounding wire to the alternator of is it the fusible links?aurgggggg


maybe something else is causing battery drain while the car’s sitting

The alt. is grounded to the engine through its case, there is not ground lead or fusible link.

The first thing I would check is the main fuse, fuse 30 - 70/80 amp, in engine bay fuse box, at the very least remove it, clean the contact points and reinstall it making sure the screws are tight, best bet is to replace it with a new one just in case the fuse is defective, [not blown, just defective].

The next thing I would do is check for a parasitic drain, easy way is to disconnect the batt. pos.(+) and connect a 12V test light, [not LED type] in series, [one end to batt. post the other to the batt. cable, wait a few sec., if the test light is on you have a parasitic draw.


MM&Y of car?
Are there any mods to the car?
Have you added anything to the car, [lights, alarm, audio system, gauges and so on? 94

Its a 1990 integra RS sedan custom cai and custom 2.5" cat and header. I do have a pioneer head unit and also an 800w amp but i never really turn it on…oh and i have the fogs wired to the fuse assessory panel that bout it this thing a pain in my ass