this chart will help you figure out emission probs.

heres a chart that if you can memorize it , it will never stear you wrong when having trouble with emissions. if you need help interpreting it email me. also if somone coukd make it larger it would be greatly appreciated.

I can’t read it, it’s too blurry.

its a scanned pic so it isn’t blurry its just tiny and i don’t know how to enlarge it.

no one can just focus in on the chart?

I saved your scan to my drive and tried to zoom in. too fuzzy. You have to up the dpi on your scanner, it’s probably set to like 96 dpi. Try 200 dpi.

That link didn’t work for me.

I know, bitch bitch bitch!!!

Here you go!


they weren’t fuzzy at all, but i guess sharpen won’t hurt. =)

thanks i know this shit like the back of my hand but it really does help and theirs always emission threads and nothing to refer to.