This is weird!

I was wondering if anyone has every had this proplem, the other day like maybe 3 days ago my thermostat gauge started tripping. This happens every time I step on the gas hard or im going fast on the freeway or even on the street. the gauge jumps from normal temp. to cold to inbetween and all around, but it never passes the normal temp mark. what could be the problem. also i smell a funny smell comming from somewhere not under the hood or the a/c vents and it kinda smells burnt. So someone please let me know something:D :shock: :shock: :shock:

the burnt smell is most likely your brakes. I don’t know what to tell you about your gauge problem, but how new are your brake pads?

man, i knwo what u mean for the temp ordeal

mine does that only whens its like 60 degrees and lower and then once i mash the gas it says COLD for a reading, never past normal temp, sorry i cant help either

maybe its cold air from ur intake going in to the head, the temp is read from the side of the head, maybe it get chilled for a split second before becomg hot again?

well thsnks for the info. and my brakes are new but i got over that stage already. i got them like 1 month ago so i dont think it should still smell. and for the gauge could it be the thermostat?

my brakes smelled for quite a while after I changed the pads.

Ok i changed my thermostat but my temp. needle is still tripping it dropes everytime i step on the gas. and that brunt smell was my brakes.:up:

maybe that temp gauge problem is just a loose wire??

Well I dont know what happened or what I did but the gauge stopped tripping like 3 days after I changed the thermostat. Thanks for all the help guys:bow: