this setup should hold correct?

okay, theres a LS/Vtec setup for sale out of this shop with 0 miles. i just wanna know with the block work done, it will be safe with the b16 head correct? this is the setup…

92 ls block with 1st gen b16 head, pr3 pisotns balanced bottom end, srp head studs, new pumps seals belts and rings, completely stock head. whole legit longblock for 1200 with 0 miles.

also, if i dont choose this, there is a 96 block done up…96 ls block sleeved with golden eagle godzila sleeves…there is more to this, but im waiting to talk to the guy again to find out what else is done…

Remember, both longblocks have 0 miles, i am interested in the first one, but what are your opinions?

Better do some research. A member just posted about his LS/VTEC blowing up after 8 months or so.

sounds like a decent rebuild just remember that the ls bottom end has an ls redline not a vtec redline no matter what head it has on it. The mods to put a vtec head on an ls block are done to the head not the block. I am assuming that “stock head” means no porting or hot cams. If the mods were done correctly and you use the correct redline it should be reasonably reliable. You did not mention rods…one of the basic mods that makes the ls stronger is rods or at least the rod bolts.

yea i am not planning to rev past 7k, but i just wanted to know if it sounded reliable…if i get it, ill do more work to block

dont bother buying an ls/vtec long block if you are only going to rev it to 7k. :think:

well if i get the block, im planning to work the block more so i can rev past 7, but until then i dont plan on to rev it that much