this sucks - valve clearance

So my teg has been running pretty well, but I’m currently jobless, so I’ve been going through and fixing small things that have become annoying about it…

well I know that the two previous owners didn’t know jack about cars nor cared to really get anything done on this car to help it run better… and I could hear some interesting ticking coming from my valves while at idle. So I thought I’d go through and adjust the valves since they probably have not been touched since the car left the factory, heh. Well when I got in there, I found that all 16 of em were tighter than they’re supposed to be, so I thought that was kinda weird that I’d hear ticking. But anyways I decided I wanted them to be accurate so I adjusted them all very carefully to the stock specs for a 91 B18a.

Well I started the motor up, let it warm up (yes it was cold when I adjusted them) and when it went down to low idle, the ticking is WAY WORSE NOW. Ackk. I mean I guess it makes sense that if I have to loosen them (when they were already kinda noisy) that they’d get noiseier, but this sucks. heh. Is there anything I should do to make this thing stop chirping so much? And could this be a bad sign of some other problem?

Thnx for any suggestions, and yes I did a search before posting…

Are you 100% sure it’s the valves ticking, and not the injectors?

Also, I’d try a compression test to see if your engine is in decent shape or not.


PS: My valves are set to stock specs (last week) and my engine has 180-185 psi on each cylinder (just a hair below factory specs, which is very very good for a high-mileage engine – 200,000+ Miles).

My valves still tick, as do the injectors. Honda’s are notorious for valvetrain noise… maybe you just never noticed it as much before?


well one thing that I know for sure, is that the ticking is louder now that I adjusted the valves, because I have noticed the ticking for a while and have listened to it carefully, its possible that my valves weren’t ticking before and that it was the injectors, I never checked them, but now that I adjusted the valves they are definately noisier. The engine does have 211xxx miles on it, so I know there will be noise, just want to be pre-emptive and want to take good care of meh car :slight_smile:

I had read some other threads about injector noise and was going to check that too… is there anything to be done about injector noise? Do you just have to replace them?

thnx for the reply’s


cleaning the injectors can’t hurt. First try a few bottles of a good, concentrated fuel injector cleaner on your next 3 or 4 tanks of gas…
if the noise is still there after that, I’d try cleaning them by removing them. Someone on here had an interesting method… run a search. it involved a 12v battery, a little tray of fuel injector cleaner, etc… seemed effetiv and simple enough.

I “think” a method of testing to see if it’s your injectors it to make a makeshift mechanics stethescope:
Use a long screwdriver and touch the metal end to each injector, putting your ear to the handle. Note the loudness, and compare across all injectors. I’m not sure if this works well for telling if it’s valves or injectors, but it may help you identify your problem-injector, if you have one.

I’m just typing what comes to the top of my head as a good starting point, so don’t take this as gospel or anything. :slight_smile:


I put some engine “restore” stuff in the oil, and the valves seem to be quieter now, also got some prolong injector cleaner, but it says I need to put it in when I’m almost out of gas and I just filled up last night :wink: so I’ll see later if that helps. Thanks for all your tips, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: