Those dang EG forks...

i just needed to vent. i bought konis and gc suspension for my DA come to find out it has EG forks:( now i gotta wait… just needed to vent

thought they were able to swap over…

He can but i think he needs eg suspension if he wants to use the eg forks.

Yeah the da shocks just flop around in the EG forks. I have one DA fork just waiting on the othere

EG forks are swappable for the DA, but the fork is a tad bigger, and will rub on the axles, happened to me…lol
There also bigger at the strut part, so DA struts wont fit. Just go to pick and pull and grab some off a 89/91 DX, there the same as DA.

wow ok

now im on the hunt for the other fork lol.