thought out my b17 build...

well after researching a little bit and looking around and at other setups i think im going with this setup (by the way if you have opinions or input plz help out):

p30 pistons .25 or more over

shotpeened rods or crower rods? (debating)

OEM Honda Bearings Main and Rod bearings

arp rod bolts

type r valvetrain or crower

stage 2 cams (not sure of brand yet)

rs-r exmag cat back

stage 2 clutch

8lb lightened flywheel

Edlebrock header w/ 2.5 collector mod


Bpi velocity stack w/ K&N cone filter short ram

ys1 with lsd

The crank will get a race polish performed at our shop, the block will be decked/bore/honed/hot tanked at our shop,
and the head will receive a minor P&P, along with the mating surface being refinished. and a little more misc. things

only suggestion i got is dont spend the money on rods if thats gonna be the extent of your build.

i see a max of possibly 170whp, stock rods wont blink at that power level.

really 170? i seen this setup pretty similar with around 200hp range. thats from searching all over. i talked to brian crower and he told me about the stroker kit for the b17 and im not sure exactly if i wanna do that?. its all about my funds.

170? hp thats stupid stock b17 hits 156 usually on dyno’s ive seen. he should make more power then that.

oh, that would of been with stock cams, i didnt see cams listed when i scrolled through it, i still wouldnt count on over 200whp, still no need for rods in my opinion.

im thinking now crower b17a rods and wiseco pistons…

4 hp drivetrain loss? The internet has so many magical motors these days.

dH… I think he meant internally stock.
200hp = a big goal and very expensive of you are planning on maintaining the originality of the b17a1 engine.
-p30 pistons .25 or more over (I went with 11.4:1 wiseco’s on a .40 over bore)
-shotpeened rods or crower rods? (I shotpeened the B17 rods=very strong for a all motor build)
-OEM Honda Bearings Main and Rod bearings (I used the same)
-arp rod bolts (I used them where ever I could)
-type r valvetrain or crower (I used ferrera at 1st… then Skunk 2 after)
stage 2 cams (I used a set of S2S2)

-rs-r exmag cat back (DC sport catback)
-stage 2 clutch********
-8lb lightened flywheel (I used a 7.5lbs)
-Edlebrock header w/ 2.5 collector mod (I have Greddy 4-2-1 header, I wish I had a 2.5 inch exhaust system)
-AEBS IM (I used the same AEBS but had it ported and flow tested as well and port matched to the head)
-Bpi velocity stack w/ K&N cone filter short ram (I used DC Sport DAC)
-ys1 with lsd (I used YS1 no LSD)
The 1 past was 180hp to the wheels and finally 191whp after some tuning.

hey db2 i took down your aim a while ago and emailed you some questions but it was a bad email address??..ill talk to you on aim if your on there alot? …and since you live in florida i thought it might help out a lil. thats a nice setup! a little different from what i have in mind but should be around the same. i looked at the wiseco pistons and i just saw 11:2:1 no 11:4??

2ndgent3g, my aim name = onefassrx
Hit me up…

will do…hey whats a good exhaust with this setup? like a rs-r or hks…

whats your goal?

if you want 200+ whp, your going to need alot more headwork, such as port work, and some money cams, such as JUN3’s, and i would look into some 12.0:1 comp pistons. Also think of a nicer header than an edelbrock. Try SMSP, Hy-Tech, or a Comptech full race.