Thoughts on Dashpot/Air Boost Valve delete

Hey what’s up guys I’ve been trying to do some research on this dashpot and air boost valve and if there is an actual necessity to them, all I see is hoses that go from the intake to the intake manifold through these flying saucers lol, I did some research and couldn’t come to a definate answer , stuff saying it helps with supplying air for start up as well as help relieving “jerk” when you let off and begin to accelerate again, but almost any car is gonna jerk when you speed up after taking your foot of the brake…
I’m also seeing info on that it cause your idle to be screwed up and occasionally stall
If I remove these “saucers” and block them off, will I affect the drivability of my car ? It’s a 91 and I hear that 92-93 don’t even have them??

delete it. there will be no negative affect on the driveability of your car. if it makes you feel better, later model intake manifolds dont have it. there is just an impression of where it used to be…

Hahah thanks for the response I plan on getting rid of it , less hoses to crowd up that already jam-packed bay

It does absolutely nothing. :slight_smile:

Throw those things in the garbage. Removing them wont affect your idle in any way.

What would you guys suggest be the best and neatest way to block off these parts ??