you know, I was thinking there should be a book that showcases the 1990-1993 Integra. Forgive me if there is one already. I just think wow, we have so much photographic talent here on the boards and I’m sure we have the knowledge to write up about the cars. I was on Amazon and they have one for the NSX… but I would love to have one for the Integra.

Also, have we thought about doing license plate frames? plain ones in black w/white lettering? As a fundraiser for the club? Some that say and then on the bottom ‘Generation 2 Integra Club’. I would pay about $15-$20 for one :slight_smile:

And maybe a… ‘My other car is a… generation 2 integra’ …just thinking. :dozing:

I like the idea of the license plate frame :slight_smile:

2nd that

third vote here

are you guys voting for the license plate?