Throttle Body & Intake Manifold ?'s

Alright, here’s the deal. I got a BBK 62mm throttle body from some guy(free). The butterfly was sticking, just needed cleaning. Anyhow. I see these retail for about 300.00 from Summit but it says the 62mm is only for 1.5L or 1.6L engines. I called both Summit and BBK to confirm and they both say it won’t fit 1.8L engines. The guy I got it from has a B18C swap in his 94LS. He was using it until he decided to ge the JG TB. So how could it be that he used it in his teg when they say it won’t fit?

Anyone knows if it will fit on my B18C intake manifold?
If I upgrade, would it be wise to upgrade to a CTR intake manifold so I can use this BBK TB?
Is it feasible to go this route? BBK TB 62mm, CTR intake manifold, B18C Block/head w/ port and polish?

It’s 95% done already, just would like to use this BBK TB.

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

One question-

If you say your friend had it on his b18c,
then why are you unsure if it will fit on yours?


I’m thinkin’ he’s also using the new JG intake manifold as well. Thought I’d ask if anyone came across this or not. Guess not eh.