throttle body

what throttle body are yoou guys running? Do you guys think a 70mm STR throttle body would be to big for a stock b16 manifold?

I’ll answer your last question first. To put a 70mm throttle body on a B16 manifold you will want the opening on the manifold port-matched to the throttle body. The reason is that the opening on the intake manifold is something like 54mm. To attain the best possible airflow you want the openings to match so that air can flow through as smoothly as possible.

Are you going all motor or turbo? A 70mm throttle body is overkill for a majority of all motor setups. It will cost you a pretty good bit of low end power and may not be worth the increase at top end (depending on your setup). However, it’s a great mod for a turbo setup.

unless you have upgeaded your fuel system substantially and have a valvetrain or forced induction capable of using all that fuel and air, a 70mm tb is not going to benefit you more than a 62mm tb will in my opinion.