Throttle Issues, NEED HELP NOW

I am truly in need of help here, I just installed a throttle cable for my 93 integra with a b18C1. I used a B18C1 throttle cable, and it was too short, so I had to modify the throttle bracket to get it to work. Now, the throttle stays open when the clutch is depressed causing the revs to raise, the pedal is extremely hard to move, and my S-AFC tells me there is always anywhere between .5 to 1.1% throttle opening. WTF.
My gut tells my its something to do with the bracket, but I have no idea why it would be acting this way, the bracket itself doesn’t actually touch any part of the cable, only the adjustment screws (which are all the way to loose, BTW)

Even if the throttle was too tight, and it caused the car to rev slightly during shifts, that doesn’t explain the pedal stiffness.

If I don’t get this fixed, the car is going in the paper Monday, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wow. small throtlle issue and you’re willnig to give up the teg with a b18C1 in it just like that? Doesn’t sound like you’re very self motivated and encouraged to get anywhere with things. sry to say taht but that’s the way you come off. Have you checked to see if teh throttle cable connecting to the gas pedal is tight and binding on anything? also. check to make sure your TPS is adjsuted properly to specs…

Look man, with all due respect, I didnt ask for you to give me a mental diagnosis. Its not just the throttle cable, there are tons and tons of things that keep getting messed up, I have very bad luck, and I also need the money. Im probably going to sell it whether or not the cable is perfect.

Alright sry man was jsut hoping I coudl cahnge your mind. :slight_smile: but if you ahve a multimeter. I’d check the voltages on the TPS when fully closed and fully open. because you said your AFC is reading some throttle. yet there is slack on the throttle cable betwene the throttle rotor and bracket so I’m thinknig maybe the sensor is out of adjustment.

Hey, not sure if the SAFC is the same as the VAFC, but my VAFC has a sensor check, I think it’s in settings, not too sure. but it will give you the voltage of your tps and 2 other sensors. good luck

The S-AFC has a sensor check, yes, and everything is A-OK.

I got the throttle to go all the way closed now, with a bit of adjustment. The pedal, however, is still pretty stiff, and has absolutly no slack in it at all. If you so much as breath on the pedal, the revs go flying (7.5lb flywheel)

Needless to say, it makes accelerating from a stop very interesting. I may have to try and redo the bracket so its even shorter/closer to the TB pulley, but I hope not. What could be causing the firm pedal?