Throttle response issues

[SIZE=2]Hello people[/SIZE].I have been having strange probs ever after my obd1 conversion.heres the problem the car seems to have very little throttle response.i have apexi safc,and when driving my car with the gas floored it takes forever(3 seconds) to get to around 85%(wide open) usally hangs around 22% throttle when driving around the city 22% seems rediculous.
I figured it was the tbs sensor ,So i checked the voltage with the key in the on position it seemed to be ok it has .55volts on a closed throttle and 4.00volts with Wide Opend Throttle.I was just wondering what can be the syptoms of not having any throttle response when driving my car?
In other words all i want is to have a wide open throttle(when gas is floored) instead of the gradual increase from 22% that i have now?:think:

Does Any One Have Any Idea? Or Have Ever Seen Symptoms Similar To This???

i use to have a 92 accord that did something similar to that, i would floor it and nothing, it would gradually increase speed (i meen really slow gradually), i totalled the car and never found out what the problem was

ck the timing on the car easy to do if someone u know has a timing gun, my car ran boogy at take off and i timed it and know it runs so much better.

92 gsr :rockon:

when was the last time you did a good tune up(plugs, wires, cap, rotor.)