Throw me your best guess at Horsepower...

Alright what do u guys think about this setup in terms of horsepower and overall difference in driving going from a B18A with I/H/E to this:
b18a block with Girdle AND Block Guard,
11.71:1 compression pistons with Eagle Rods,
b16a head ported and polished.
Oh yea… And I/H/E.

And anybody who knows what I should rev it to and consider my “redline” to be after it’s all broke in?



you should get everything ballanced and better use some high octane gas with that near 12:1 cr

I’m not sure how high you could rev that to, but with the stock b16 cams you won’t gain much by revving very far past 8000rpms.


Yea… 94 Octane should work… No? I don’t use anything less… And I normally put a bottle of that weird octane boost stuff in at every other fill up… sometimes every one… u know. So I suppose It will be okay… I shouldn’t hafta go fill up at the airport or anything, should I? HAHAHAHAHA

And about the revving… If I got aftermarket cams I would be able to rev higher than 8k? Wow that’s scary I don’t want a car to sound like my Katana :wink:

ANYHOO… Someone still shoot me an estimate on hp… Would I hit 200 like that? I’m thinking I should just use some 9:1 comp pistons and turbo it… That was my original plan until I found out stock Honda pistons can’t be used with Eagle rods. (bummer) so that sets me back 900 bucks where I thought it was going to be $365.