Thud type clicking in Clutch

Hey, My freakin clutch pedal started making this weird thud noise every once in a whle when i push it in. It does it sometimes, and sometimes not. I live in New England…does it have something to do with the weather? Im worried that my clutch cable is gonna snap one of these cold nights on my way home. Any suggestions? Ideas?

my clutch had been doing that also…and following that…the clutch would have ZERO resistance till closer to the floor…i bought a new cable…took out the old one…turns out half of it was frayed…thank god i got to it when i did…but now…i put in the new one…but i must have messed up somewhere in the install…cause its kinda stiffer to push down…and i have the adjustment screw almost all the way down…so now the clutch catches like RIGHT off the floor…i’m gonna have to fiddle w/ it again