Tie Rods?-Quick Video-Need Help FAST!!!

I think this is the tie rod, someone correct me if im wrong. Anyway here is a very, very short video. I need someone to tell me if this is normal. Tie Rods-Quick Video<–Click

By the way, the reason i ask is because my car just recently started pulling to the right. It pulls to the right very very hard and fast and frankly i don’t want to drive it anymore till this gets fixed.

One thing to note, there is no wobble in the wheels when i try to jiggle it. But i do have excess tire wear on the insides of the tires. Very bad tire wear i should say.

One more thing, if i HAVE to drive for a couple more days do you think i could face some serious problems? Thanks in advance

Good idea making a video :up:

There is quite a bit of play in that tie rod joint. Try removing the cotter pin and tightening down the bolt. I think Spec is somewhere around 22#.

I can’t recommend that you drive like that!

thanks bud. i tried to tighten it but it barely budged, i think its as tight as its gonna get. Looks like im gonna have to just replace that. And upon further inspection i saw that the rubber boot on the inner rod was completely torn.

p.s. i hate piddly shit like this. i got my gsr swap all ready to go, just waiting on one more stinkin part before i can begin that. and now this. yesterday it was my battery, last week my alternator, and the week before last my starter. now this, oh not to mention im gonna need four brand new stinkin tires. and then im gonna have to pay for an alignment after i replace the tie rods. eesh. my wallets so empty right now. sorry for the rant. just had to let it out. :slight_smile:

Hey, I’m sure most people have experienced a similar feeling at one point or another. That’s definitely more play than the tie rod end I just installed has. My car was doing some weird random pulling to one side or the other. I replaced the tie rod end (the boot was also shredded, damn the ballistic ball joint removal tool) and now the erratic steering is for the most part gone.

The tie rod end was less than $40 at Advance Auto too, so it wasn’t a complete wallet rape.

  • Jim