Time for real power....

hey guys thought i’d ask this, cause i got no response from anyone from “clubsi.com”:evil: Anyways i’m coming up on 260,000 miles and its time for a rebuild. I’m going to raise static compression and i wanna know if anyone has put in b16 or gsr or itr or ctr pistons in their b18a. Just wanna know if any clearance problems between valves and pistons.



Yes people have, I believe non-vtec on the honda-tech board is running ITR pistons and apparantly it gives approx 11:1 CR with an unshaven head.

I understand that the b16a pistons will fit in with no rod shaving (unlike some or all of the other options). Somthing like 11.5:1± cr tho.


i have type r pistons in my b18a - the only thing you have to do is shave 1mm off the wristpins in order for them to fit correctly. the compression test i did showed b/t 10.8/10.9:1 - anything that high though, it is necessary IMO to use 92 or higher octane fuel. if you’re not now, it’s just a little more expense every time you fill up but i think it was worth it