Time to lower my monster truck. Looking for GOOD advice.

So its time to lower this monster truck of mine. I would like some advice from people who have done it. The rims are 17’s with 205/40R17 tires. I would like to drop the car enough to look good but be great for daily driving. I drive this car at least 50 miles a day to work and back, the car will never be driven in the winter. How low should i go? Im thinking adjustable coilovers? I would like to do this fairly cheap for now if i can.
What can i do to get it lower and go easy on the wallet even if its temporary?
Obviously spending more money would give better results. I will do that in the future. But im more less looking to get it down on the cheap temporarily. Feel free to also provide info on the high dollar stuff for future use.
Thanks in advance for your help guys.

Flashback to 1999 is complete. Before lowering get rid of the chicken wire. Of course this is all a matter of opinion, if you are happy then right on.

You say you want to spend as little as possible. Get some Tein S-techs for less than 200, it will drop your car about an inch and a half and still be DD able. Though there were some bumps and dips I had to slow waaay down for in traffic or my car wouldn;'t have made it. Also when I had the S techs (which is considered a very mild drop), I couldn’t go over most speed bumps or my exhaust and belly would drag.

Ebay coilovers could be an option. I have heard mixed reviews on them, but as a buddy said springs are kinda hard to fuck up. For a budget you should be fine.

[QUOTE=Deceptakhan;2225026]Flashback to 1999 is complete.


If you’re wanting to keep the budget low, Id go with a simple lowering-spring setup. That is, if your current struts are in good shape.

Or you could get a lower-line coilover setup (Think Skunk2 Pro-S style) that will at least let you adjust the height and will ensure a good match between the spring and strut.

Orrrr, go high-end and do the Koni yellows with Ground Controls and rest assured your money was well spent.

yeah i bought the front bumper in 2002 when i started the project and then i let the car sit in the garage for 8, almost 9 years before i finished it. Hence the chicken wire lol. But i like it, its what i wanted to do 9 years ago. To bad i didnt save to factory bumper it was cherry. oh well, moving on. thanks for the information man. i will look into those options. I was kinda hesitant to go for the ebay coilovers. I dont want to put them on and find out they are 100% worthless lol.

For sure man! As long as you are happy! I mean, here I am trying to build m car with a circa 1996 look, so no worries. If you wanted, here is how tein S techs look. Like I said, a it is a mild drop and still rode like stock.

That looks great! i do really miss the 92 front end. Oh well i could go back to that any time i want. Its only a piece of plastic with some paint on it lol.

I appreciate you guys positive comments.

Why be a hater?

if i was posting these pictures 9 years ago when i started the project everyone would have thought it was sick lol.

[QUOTE=Deceptakhan;2225037]For sure man! As long as you are happy! I mean, here I am trying to build m car with a circa 1996 look, so no worries. If you wanted, here is how tein S techs look. Like I said, a it is a mild drop and still rode like stock.


those g2ic.com stickers are almost vintage now lol. and there in perfect condition!

Sorry this is not related to the topic but how did you mount the rear bumper cover. I just bought a mugen copy for dirt cheap that looks like yours and I’m curious how they are mounted to the stock bumper.

it came with 3M double sided foam tape on it that goes around the top lip to hold it in place and then you use screws to hold it to the factory bumper every place else. make sure you choose hidden places, or factory locations. thats what i did. it looks great.
if the one you got does not have the 3M tape you can buy it. its 1/2 inch wide dark gray foam tape with red removable backing. you can pick it up at most automotive paint supply stores.

Thank you so much for the reply. I was actually at work today wondering if 3m double sided tape would work because their tape is good quality and can hold a lot. Thanks again for the reply and your car looks good now and it will look even better when it’s lowered. I wanted a big mouth front bumper way back in 98 when I had my old DB1. I’m glad you still went with the look you wanted.

hey man no problem. the car really needs a drop and and new exhaust, allong with my factory style wing and factory mirrors back on. I have no choice but to use the bumper because i sold the factory one 9 years ago. but in the same respect it is what i origionally wanted so screw it. who cares if its the cool thing now or not. its what i wanted to do origionally so wtf! why not! at least i went with a slightly more stock looking bumper vs. a crazy one that would have looked like shit.

how cost effective do you want to be? a simple(ish) spring/shock combo will be almost as much as a set of coilovers. IE koni yellow/ground control setups run around 500, and function/form type 1 adj. coils run 600. lowering springs might be a bad choice considering you have 17" and those are a predetermined height and stiffness.
my .02

FYI Tein S Techs are more of a 2 inch drop. The H Techs are 1 1/2 inch or so.

so i decided to go for adjustable coil overs for now. Lets hope it works out. basically as long as i can get an ok drop for the rest of the summer i am good. after that its going into storage for the winter and i willl save up for the best i can get

you ought to ride in a car with coil overs before you put them on your 50 mile a day comuter.
those tein s techs look perfect. ive got eibach (1.4",1") and its to high, both could be .5-1" lower.
regardless of what springs/coilovers you get, get shocks also. when your shocks go out (not if but when) from harder springs your tires will start cupping then you will have to replace them to.

me and my foot do free body kit removeal…only kidding calm down, i said calm down

kyb agx ground control combo if ur on a budget

just some new pictures. Can anyone tell me if tenzo R springs would be a good option instead of coilovers on my DD? thanks.

I found a set locally on craigslist for 80 bucks with 2 rear struts. they say only 30 miles on the springs. kinda sounds like BS but i would try them if any one knows about the quality of them. they give a 2.5" drop.

Save up for better suspension the first time, don’t waste money on cheap shit just to lower it temporary.

kinda thinking that this makes a lot more sense. Its going to be a time consuming project so i might as well do it once and do it right.