timing belt and water pump in B16a1

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I didn’t know honda ever made a b18c2 block because in japan the don’t stamp #'s after the engine codes likes usdm motors have. (example usdm type-r b18c5 but jdm type-r b18c). WTF is a b18c2 I think you have been smoking a little of that wacky tobacey?

hello little person,

the B18C2 engine is from our DC2 Vtir Integra…

same as your early GSR model.

we have a B18C7 in our DC2 Type R’s…

does this help you in your little world knowing this?

I think you are mistaken

the 94-01 usdm gsr’s all came with a b18c1 which from 94-95 was obd-1 and in 96 went to obd-2. The usdm type-r’s all came with a b18c5 and just a question for someone who is so into g3’s like you sound like you are, why are you posting on a g2 dedicated website?

welcome to AUSDM, fool.

different country = different engine codes…

i am into Honda pal, not jsut G2’s

i jsut happen to have bought a JDM DA9 Integra, so i started coming here for some interest…

anything else little person?

Hey man calm down

I specifically wrote usdm. I had no idea and I was just asking a question no need to get so cranky. Go drink a beer or something. I had no idea and I apologize, I would love to see the great down under at least once in my life. Anyways if you just bought a DA9, about how much in american do they go for over their just curious. I have seen one her in the states and it was awesome.

i thought you would have at least checked my damn sig and profile before accusing me of smoking wacky tabacey!!!

at least you have learnt that there are different markets besides USDM!!!

my car was bought for about 7800 AUS = 5000 USD

stock LS DA tegs (B18A/B) can go from 5000 to 8000 AUS depending on quality…

mine is one of a handful of Jap import ones around…

it came with B16A, digital climate control, electric folding mirrors and one piece lights…

i really think the guy selling it had no idea of the value of it to someone like me, i jsut had to buy it…

i also have a 1983 Prelude which i fitted a B16A to and then built a B20VTEC for it…

see here: http://www.geocities.com/b16aprelude/swap/swap.pics.09.01.02.html

PS it is 4:25PM on Friday afternoon down here, i am really looking forward to that beer in half an hour… sorry to get cranky :wink:

teg_fancy - Ever hear of the b18c3??


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[B]teg_fancy - Ever hear of the b18c3??

BR [/B]

Jason, According to this it’s from a '96 only JDM ITR. http://www.hondaswap.com/reference/index.php?mode=engine
I guess this is the exception to the theory that JDM motors had no number after the 2nd letter. But even that chart doesn’t show all since I beleive there’s a B18C6 that’s a Euro spec ITR motor. And the C5 was of course in all the USDM ITR’s from '97 on, not '98 as listed.

Here is a b18c3 in a CRX in Japan.

Here is a b18c4 from a civic in Japan. Very nice and built

Here is a b18c6 in a civic in Europe.

I have found tons of documentation on the b18c, b18c1, b18c2, b18c3, b18c4, b18c5, b18c6 and b18c7 also. Hit up google and do searches for those and you will be surprised with what you find.

Hell, I just found out that the honda civic vti came with the b18c4 in it. Imagine a stock civic with a b18c…


there is actually no difference in the water pumps at all, the actual difference comes from installing the water pump that you have and then using the corresponding timing belt. on a 1.8 motor you have a number of options… 1; if you use a 19 teeth water pump on a 1.8 motor you need to use an LS timing belt…2; if you use a 22 teeth water pump on a 1.8 motor you need a GSR/TYPE’R’ timing belt which will yield the same conclusion. if running the B16A or B17A block B16A/B17A/B18C1/B18C5 (which are all the same despite part #'s) water pumps can be used, along with the B16A/B17A timing belt(which are the same despite part #'s).

prostreetimport - i always thought the P72 water pump has a slightly different bolt pattern than the PR3 water pump?

(ie there IS actually a difference?)

i have a b18c3 word

i just got it done and i used the del sol once. G2guru thanks for the advice.
now i am wondering what should my timing be set at?
and what should my FPR should be at?

Originally posted by tinkerbell
[B]prostreetimport - i always thought the P72 water pump has a slightly different bolt pattern than the PR3 water pump?

(ie there IS actually a difference?) [/B]

bolt patterns, number of bolt holes and number of teeth are all the same in B16A, B17A, B18C, B18C1 and B18C5 blocks.