timing belt and water pump in B16a1

i about to change my water pump and timing belt in my b16.
i already asked this question but just want to make sure what belt and what water pump do i use? its the 89 engine.
and how important is it to use the original honda parts?
can i just use some aftermarket parts?

92-93 GSR (B17A) works great. OEM Honda/Acura… there is no substitute.

wow dont use g3 GSR timing belt and waterpump!!

actually - it is not the head but the deck height of the block!!!

the b18 is higher than the b16

dunno about b17’s

really hte only timing belt you should use is from a b16a or a b17a (confirm?)

not any belt of a b18…

last time i checked there is a different number of teeth on the water pump for a B18c and the pr3/p30 water pump.

I’ve got a B18C1 block, B16A head. Ssoooo…The pump will be the same (either B18C or B16A), but I’d need a B16A belt? Dat right?

B16A/B17A have 19 teeth on the water pump. The B18C/ B18C5 have 22 teeth on the water pump. They are indeed different. This is to compesate for the additional 7mm of block height on the B18C block.

If you have a B16A block, use a DOHC VTEC Del Sol or 92-93 GSR water pump. If you have a B18C1 block regardless of what head you have on there, use a 94-95 GSR or 97up ITR water pump. Hope this helps.

ok I’m getting confused…
my understanding is that the B17 is a destroked B18 with a vtec head not a stroked B16. This would make the B17 the same deck height as the B18 not the B16.
My understanding is that the diff in water pumps is between vtec and non vtec. Is this true? I guess it is still possible that there is a diff between B16 and B18 as well. Most of my info comes from reading about ls vtec conversions so they are dealing with B18’s to start with.
Why would the B18c1 and the B18c5 use diff parts? They are both the same deck height and both vtec. The c5 is a c1 with a factory ported head and manifold with hotter cams right?

Here’s a breakdown… I’ll type slowly so everyone can understand ;).

B16A and B17A use the same BARE block, but the B17A has different pistons, rods, and crankshaft. Both use the PR3 head.

The B18C1 and B18C5 use the same bare block with different pistons, slightly different rods and crank (but same stroke), and use different heads. The B18C1 has a P72 head to where the B18C5 has a mildly ported PR3 head with some other goodies.

The B16A block and B17A block are 7mm shorter than a B18C block.


I have been away for too long…



Originally posted by ShootingStar
I’ve got a B18C1 block, B16A head.
Ok, PLEASE bare with me since I didn’t build this motor. It was in the car when I bought it. I get it that I’ll need a B18C, 22 tooth pump from a GS-R or an ITR. My head is a B16A and marked PR3. Same casting as on an ITR motor, right? So the belt will be for a C1 or C5? :think:


no, the VTEC engines ALL use 22 tooth pumps G2guru

teh B18A, B18B and B20B and B20Z use the 19 tooth pumps…

did i type slowly enough for you?

shooting star - you need a B18C(x) belt.

for the record - i am using a B18C2 belt on my B20VTEC with a 22 tooth pump and PR3 head…


no, the VTEC engines ALL use 22 tooth pumps G2guru

teh B18A, B18B and B20B and B20Z use the 19 tooth pumps…

did i type slowly enough for you?

ummm… no

B16/B17 waterpumps are different from B18Cx waterpumps. i have a lot of experience with honda motors and dan has even more. check the part numbers if you really doubt our facts.

B16 and B17 use different belt and water pump because of the 7mm difference in deck height.

shooting star, since you are using a B18Cx block, you will need water pump for a B18c and timing belt for a b18c.

-B16/B17 water pump part number 19200-P30-003 or 19200-PR3-003
-B18/20/A/B water pump part number 19200-P75-003 or 19200-PR4-003
-B18CX water pump part number 19200-P72-003

hope i typed slow enough for you mate

USA! USA! USA! USA! lmao!

Non-VTEC pumps have 19 teeth. VTEC pumps have 22 teeth. (this has been edited to have the correct infomation). But the VTEC pumps have small differences.

so basically can someone state what do i use in the stock b16a motor? what belt and what water pump?
b17a both of them or …
would apreciate if someone will make it very clear.

Pumps and belts you can use.

94-95 DOHC VTEC Del Sol (B16A)- Honda Dealership
92-93 DOHC VTEC Integra GSR (B17A)- Acura Dealership

I do swaps for people all the time, always replacing the pumps. Here is a B16A with a G2 GSR water pump.


Originally posted by G2guru
B18A and B16A/B17A water pumps all have 19 teeth.

this is NOT true

b16a uses a 22 tooth pump…

can JETSPD1477 confirm or deny this?

BTW, JETSPD1477 - i NEVER said that the b16 was same as B18Cx

i said both use a 22 tooth pump…

anyone wanna try to dispute that fact? (besides g2guru?)

for those actiually interested in teh facts of the matter.

the reason why Honda designed the VTEC engines to use a higher toothed pump (22tooth) and the non-VTECs to use a lower tooth pump (19tooth) is because the VTEC engines rev higher than the non-VTECs and they need to have a lower water pump drive ratio than the non-VTECs to ensure that the coolant is not circulating too fast.

it is a matter of physics.

Okay, I stand corrrected. The pumps are different between the B18C and B16A/B17A, but they both have 22 teeth. I just compared the two pumps. I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong, so here you go.

hey tinkerbell

I didn’t know honda ever made a b18c2 block because in japan the don’t stamp #'s after the engine codes likes usdm motors have. (example usdm type-r b18c5 but jdm type-r b18c). WTF is a b18c2 I think you have been smoking a little of that wacky tobacey?