Timing belt broke!!! :(

Hey guys- Tegs in the shop. Had it for about 2 months, this is my 2nd one. This one is a 91 GS and my old one was a 92 RS. Well, when I bought the car it had 110k on the speedo. The guy said the belt had been changed at 90k, but Monday it broke on me at 113,500 while i was going 55 and pulling about 3 grand of RPMS. I don’t think it has been replaced. Am I looking at some major $$$ into fixing my motor or mot? Did it screw with my valves? Or will they just have to do a compression/leakdown test?? I am very worried and standing next to the phone to hear from the shop… If it did, how much $$$ am I looking into if I want to go ahead and do a VTEC conversion while my motor is tore down?
I am just mad at him because I don’t think he replaced the belt at 90k!!:mad:

Sounds like the guy lied to you, theres no way that really could have been replaced then snapped 20K miles later. Time to call the guy back and do some bitchin. Did you buy it from a dealer or a private party? Either way you could take some legal action. Business law kickin in :wink:

They’ll probably install the new belt and do a compression test. With luck, that will be all it needs. But there’s always a chance of major damage.

Good luck!

Don’t say “no way” to a belt breaking at 20k. If it wasn’t an OEM belt or water pump, it can go at ANYTIME! I had a non-OEM pump self-destruct at 27k and take out the timing belt on my '89 Civic Si. Lucky for me it did no damage and 40,000 miles later it’s still running strong. Some Honda engines have a 95% survival rate, others are almost always junk. No more non-OEM on critical stuff. “U can pay me now or U can pay me later.” Good luck! :smiley:

i just got a teg about 4 mo. ago. is there a way to check the timing belt?

Check what? OEM vs. non-OEM? Prolly ask at the dealer to look at a new belt for numbers. It’s not just the belt though. A failed pump can cause just as much damage. If you have any doubt’s, or just don’t know, it’s best to replace with new OEM stuff. The parts are relatively cheap, the labor ain’t.

i meant check for how old it is, if it needs to be replaced, etc

give me some cost guesses for parts and labor…what about doing the labor myself? is it tough on our cars?


according to the labour guide at my work

4hours to do timing belt and water pump, involves taking off motor mount etc;

If this is wrong plz correct. But I am pretty sure its right.


Dunno what you’re running (Vtec or non) but check this out: http://www.acuraautomotiveparts.net/ Their prices are usually less than any local dealer unless you’ve got connections. Don’t listen to any of that “but it’s just as good” crap from the parts houses. You’ll have to check your local dealer or a GOOD shop for labor. Some do it themselves but I prolly wouldn’t unless the engine was in my livingroom. The guys who have done it say it ain’t fun.

For checking the belt age, look for splits or cracks, or any signs of wear on the underside of the belt.

I would definitely stick with OEM parts for every gasket and belt that is motor related.

ok, i’ll give it a look. thanks

He very well could have replaced the belt, even with an OEM one, but if he didn’t change the water pump, it could sieze and put you in the position you are now. My pump seized a while back and took out my timing belt. I replaced the belt/pump and it’s still running strong (about 30K later). Compression is good too. I agree with 90RioGS, get a new belt (and pump if that was your problem) and see what happens. Oh yeah, and I was doing 3.5-4K when mine went. Good luck