timing belt replacement--fair price?

A local shop that I’ve used before quoted me $690 (tax included) for a timing belt replacement job on my '90 Integra. That includes labor and the following parts: timing belt, water pump, tensioner, new valve cover gasket, coolant (to replace any that leaks out), etc. I trust these guys to do a good job, but thought I’d ask here about the price. Is that about the going rate these days? I need to replace the belt sometime in the next few months and I’m not sure I want to take on the job myself. I’ve never done it before, and from what I’ve read it sounds like it can turn out to be a real pain in the butt for those who don’t have tons of experience doing more involved procedures like this one.

That is a little High if you ask me.
I know a race car driver crew that owns a shop here in town and they want $200 labor, and the Timing Kit from Acura is $150.

You live in California, you should find a shop that works on Honda’s as their specialty. You should not spend more than $250 on your labor in my opinion.

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I had mine done in BC for around 200 labor. I bought all materials myself. The acura tech recommended honda timing belt and water pump but everythign else you should be able to get from your local parts shop. Either way, your best bet is to buy all of the parts you need yourself from Honda or otherwise then get some quotes on labor.

650 sounds close to the going shop price…But shops are mostly designed to rip off the average consumer.

Hope it helps…

that price sounds pretty close to what the going rate is.
Parts alone (if bought from them) will be about $250.
Depending on what the labor rate is you should pay anywhere
from $330-$400 for the work you listed.

Hey Zenmachine, what shop did you get it done at ? u in the gvrd area ?

Hey Lithium. I am in the gvrd but unfortunatly the guy who did my work is on Vancouver Island. I do have a top notch mechanic that I bring my car to now but he’s not cheap. I’m sure though if you go and see him you guys can work something out.

He ONLY works on honda/acura and the last time I was at his shop he had 2 mint turbo nsx’z on hoists, (he did all the work on both cars), a mint turbo DA and a b20z DA outside the shop. (His own DA)

He works out of Coquitlam and if you like I can give you his info.

email me at weevie_1@hotmailcom and I’ll shoot you his info.

The two dealerships here both charge about 450 for Tbelt, waterpump, gaskets, belts and coolant.

Thats a fair price for a dealer too do it.
The belt kit, which includes water pump, gasket and tensioner is about $150 itself.