Timing belt Tensioner bolt stripped.

Yeah. I have a 91 integra LS. I replaced my water pump yesterday. Only to realize the new water pump’s gear is smaller than the original. So, it’s causing alot more slack in my timing belt and its slapping all over the place. The timing belt tensioner bolt is stripped on the head of the bolt. I’ve tried bolt extractors already.

Should i replace the belt with a new one? Or, does anyone have any ideas of how to get this bolt out. I do not have a welder or a grinder available…

they have a drill kit for things like this,
for stripped bolts, etc.
i forgot what its called though.

sounds like someone had a gsr pump on there, the gsr is 22 teeth and the ls is 19 teeth. if you bought a ls water pump and timing belt you shouldnt of had a problem, or they gave you a gsr timing belt

also i know space is super limited, but you can try to hammer a 13mm on there to grip it more

i just counted the teeth on the old one. its 19. and the new one is 19 with a slightly smaller gear.

should i try a new belt? cuz im using the old belt…

and the possibility of hammering on a 13 mm is impossible without dropping the motor…which im trying to refrain from doing.

you should have enough room to hammer in a 13mm socket if you take off the driver side mount and let the engine drop.

Have you tried the spiral threaded sockets that they sell at Sears? The sprials cut into the bolt head as you turn the socket left. I have used them before and they worked perfectly every time.

you should always replace the timing belt when ever you have to remove it or realese tention on it.