timing belt tighting(b16a), cam ?

hey, i installed a b16a into my 90 da, how do you tighten the timing belt? i have tighten the tensioner all the way, but i still get slack either on the int or ex side of the cams, when i also set my crank pulley to the white mark, TDC, my cams “UP” arrows are pointing down and i just turned them back to the position they are suppose to be at. Then i manually turned the crank pulley a couple of revolutions the cams end up pointing down when crank is set to TDC again.
could this also be the problem of Misfire and the sluggish/ hesitation feeling when driving?
So does anyone have another way to tighten the freakin timing belt, so that it doesnt slip.
oh yeah, when is the vtec point suppose to activate, my activates somewhere from 4700 to 5000 rpms, is that right?
and what kind of spark plug wires (1.7 GSR?) are suppose to be used?
please help me get this car going again, let it be reborn

Are you tightening the belt according to the Helm’s procedure?


not sure, i just torque that adjustment bolt to 40-42ft-lbs according to the helms.

It says:

"3. Rotate the crankshaft counterclockwise 3-teeth on the camshaft pulley, then loosen the adjusting bolt to create tension on the timing belt.

  1. Tighten the adjusting bolt." (Acura Integra Service Manual 1992[Helms] 6-23)

How does that create tension?
So that means that the arrows will point 3-teeths from TDC, to the front of the car?
Is that the procedure?
I’m following the layout for the 1.7, is that the same (specs and all)?
I give that a try, once i understand it.