timing belt ?

last year when i replaced my timing belt i didnt put back on the plastic covers that surround the bottom area, is this ok cuz i notice how grease and dirt get in there , especially when i spray the other belts with belt dressing it shoots everywhere and gets in there, also, there is a weird whining noise coming from the timing belt area, i dont know if its a pulley or what but the sound increases as the engine revs , whats up?

ANBODY, HELP?:frowning:

I have mine off, and noises are definitely more noticeable without it on there. I don’t think it’s a big deal to have it off, just be more careful about getting any kind of foreign material on or around the belt.

is yours like a whining noise too, its no big deal to me either, just kinda annoying sometimes.I thought maybe it was cuz the belt was too tight/too loose, but oh well