timing jumped.. need help

help. i was cleaning my valve cover and the cloth got caught n the sproket and i think it jumped. engine does not sonud the same. plz advize

do you have any lost of power?

i really don’t see how your timing can jump unless you pull the belt off completely.

what kind of noise is it? ifs its a ticking nose you mite just need to adjust your valves.

i turned it off as soon as it happened. i started it again and u can tell timing is off. it didnt die though.

take the timing cover off the side of the Eng get a 19mm socket.

Then turn your crank pulley. you mite have to go around once or twice.

then check and see if the timing marks line up…

if you do have to take your belt off mite as will change it

i only have the bottom half of the timing cover on. and what do i use to turn it with?

theirs a bolt in the middle of the crack find a 19mm socket and a ratchet wrench with a long extension and turn it.

you have to take the whole cover off so you can see the marks.

ok. ? is this somethin for an amatuer or should i jus take it to a shop?

you should be able to do it no problem

ok thanks for the help.

need help for timing belt

is it possible ur car don’t have any timing marks? And is there another way to adjust the timing without the marks?

All cars have marks…( the marks are small and hard to see)

If you just put the belt on any way you feel like you will damage you engine…