Timing Problem?

Hi guys I have a little dilemma. My girl has a 92 LS (Auto)

I went to check her timing because her gas mileage is horrible, and when I checked it out I noticed that the Pointer on the cam gear cover was not even reaching the first pointer ||(|) | (Circled One) at 16 degrees on timing gun. So I jumped the green and brown switch under the passenger dash and loosened the distributor bolts and attempted to retard the engine a bit to reach the red line on crank pulley. When I moved the distributor I noticed that even with it fully retarded the marker (on cover) never lined up with the crank pulley. To reach the RED Marker I have to remove the bolts on the distributor. My question is what could be causing this issue and how can I fix it?

Thank you in advanced and have a great day!!

you just gotta completely redo your timing…take off the timing belt and reset everything…tdc and bdc…thats my best bet…if u dont know how…let someone that does do it

if you have a gun that you can set 18deg on the gun then you need to line up the timing mark with a the mark thats by itself.

If you have a timing gun with no degree adjustment…meaning it hooks to the batter and spark wire #1…then you line the timing mark up to the middle line of the 3 lines.

what I did was set the gun for 16 degrees and pointed it at the marker on the Belt Cover and tried to get it to line up with the middle mark of the 3 lines, but it never reached (it reached the first on the right) ||(|) while the distributor was still retained by the bolts. Am I doing something wrong? Is the gun supposed to be set at 18 degrees?

Also the car idles at around 1000 RPM’s (Really High), could that be causing the problem thats not letting me adjust the timing?

you’re not using the gun properly… if you set the gun to 16 degrees you don’t use those 3 lines… you use the one all by itself… if you have a gun that you can’t change the degrees on then you use the 3 lines… you’ve got it fully advanced by the sounds of it, bad news bears…

18º_16º_14º____(set º on gun, when it lines up read gun and you’re set to that right now)
(no adjustment
on gun)
hope this helps…