I’m trying to retime my 92 integra lining up all the marks
my red markings are gone
the only markings i see are the three markings but there are two sets-which one do i line it up to???
it looks like this

on the pulley

Re: timing

This is what it should look like



The red mark (left) shows factory advance @ 16 deg. BTDC

The white mark (right) shows TDC

See Teg Tips > http://www.g2ic.com/tegtips/engine/7.html

see that’s the weird part-
my red marks are probably gone already but that’s how it looks like

actually your right the first marking only has one mark

well, that’s weird because when i line it up to the right markings it revs high like 2-3k
when i adjusted it down to left markings-no power but when you give it gas it revs back to 2-3k and sticks there??
any clues???

i had to line it like this to idle normal

------------------0------0-----0------------------- engine marking


Did you have the test plug jumped when you set the timing? And the cover should only have one mark on it, which lines up with the single mark when the engine is at TDC, and the red middle mark when the timing is set to factory spec.

what is up with the jumper connector??? clue me in
when you hook it up all it does it check engine light comes on when you start it-other than that i can’t tell
-I did line it up to the red markings-
the weird thing is that when i set to stock timing and let it sit at high revs-and check timing later it is off again-i tightened cams and distributor also-what can cause it to do this

There is a teg tip describing the procedure - basically, there is a empty 2-pin connector near the passenger side kick panel. Put a paper clip between the 2 pins, and let the car warm up, then set the timing.


sorry you didn’t understand me-connecting the clips, to me, does not do anything but give you a check engine light, I’ve tried it already-unless it does anything else clue me in

It’s function is to keep the computer from playing with the timing while you are trying to set it. I have no idea why you got a CEL when you jumped the connector - I didn’t.:shrug:

yes, that’s funny too-well check engine light came on but no codes-it was just on constant-no blinking-will try that again

didnt matter if the clip was connected-timing still was on-got timing to go right-problem due to throttle plate being stuck