Hi guys I have had my 92 LS Teg for about 1 year and some change now and I love my car but I have yet to do anything related to the timing belt or water pump and while I was I was giving it a valve adjustment I noticed that the the lines on the Cam Gears are not exactly even when they are pointed at each other and I just want to know if that causes any issues with my car? The only thing that bothers me with my car is that it sucks up gas like crazy and it has a slight stutter while idling but I was told that was due to a bad O2 Sensor. I just want your opinion on what issues could be cause by the Cam Gear lines not exactly even while at Top Dead Center and how can I tell if my Timing belt needs to be replaced soon.

Thanks in advance!!!

So I take uneven lines don’t cause any issues?

whoever put them in last time didn’t line them up right, theres no way they turned different from eachother to cause them to not line up. Thats probably the cause of the stuttering idle too because your timing being off is making the engine run differently.

Thanks for the info man, I also have another question. My idles drops down below one really really fast (causes vibration because it goes below 900rpms but then goes back up to normal) after I accelerate and let go of the pedal while in park, and my brother told me that its supposed to drop down at a steady pace. I just want to know if their is something causing it or if my bros wrong. He has just been on me about that.

You could try cleaning your Idle air control valve (IACV), I believe there’s a teg tip on how to do it.

edit found the link http://www.g2ic.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35534&highlight=iacv