Tinting tail/head lights . . .

For tinting/smoking tails, that kind of paint are you guys using and where do you get it from. Also are you putting a clear coat on the paint?

Secondly, what do you think about tinting headlights? More specifically - one pieces. Has anyone done this? is it possible?

For tinting taillights…check with member B R, he has done this years ago and it still looks pimp

As for the headlights…thats a safety hazard and a ticket screaming at ur teg. Not to mention in most states, its illegal for those very reasons.

For the headlights, GT Styling makes smoked headlight covers for our cars (part# GT0713) that you can snap on and off whenever you feel like it.

As for the taillights, www.summitracing.com sells a spray by VHT called Night Shades that is made for tinting tails. I would suggest you not clear coat the tint tho. After awhile the clear starts flaking off and make the tails look bad. I would just respray whenever the tint starts to fade.

my friend mixed clear coat with black paint on his lancer and they are completely black. Still looks good and lights are very bright at night time.