yo im trying to take off my tinting on my windows and i got the side windows off pretty good. but the rear window is giving me trouble. when i try to scrap off a piece to start tearing off the tint, they jus tear off in tiny pieces. at this rate this is will forever. wut can i do to make it easier to take off? i have already tried blow drying. are there any chemicals to use to maybe burn off or dissolve the tinting? thanks for your help.

Yes, there is a chemical used to strip the old tint. You spay it on the tint, let the car sit in the sun for a while and then you try taking off the tint with a scraper. It may take a few applications but is much better then doing it dry or with water.

Go to a glass shop and ask for tint film remover.

Got to “askjeeves.com” and put “tint removal” in the question. It will direct you to all these links that say the same thing; spray pure ammonia on the tint, cover it with a trash bag, let sit for one hour, and then it should peel right off. Haven’t tried it myself, but want to one one of these days. Please post an update if this really works cause I want to know myself.

try to avoid scraping the tint off on the rear window as much as possible, as you’ll damage the defrost strips