Tips and how to remove side moldings

Well this is kinda an A.S.A.P kinda thing. My car is going back to the paint shop tommorow, and they are redoing some things. I wanted to remove the moldings on the sides of the car, so they can shoot everything and paint the moldings properly this time. As far as the ones on the door go, i know how to do these, but if you guys got any procautions just say so, and the other 2 moldings( DOHC one and the one between the door and rear wheel well) i’m not too sure on removing. All I know is that I have to remove the rear section of my interior(rear seats, etc…). Any problems with breaking clips?? Or other problems.

you don’t need to get on the inside for the small moldings. All you have to do is slide the moldings forward from the outside of the car. One of the clips will come off, and then then you will have to carefully remove the other clips with needle nose plyers. Just be careful, but you can do it. Very simple.

So all I got to do is just push forward on the molding. Like towards the front of the car?? Which molding is this, the DOHC one or the other little one? Thanks for the help by the way.

Another way to get to the small pieces is to jack up the front of the car and undo part of the innner fender lining. Next, reach behind the fender and pop out/squeeze the clips with pliers.

As for the back pieces, a safe way to do this is to remove the rear interior panels or “peel” them back enough to reach the back side of the mouldings, which is a pain in the arse either way. Then, just use the same technique as mentioned above.

what about the door moldings? is it just that one nut at the back, then slide forward?

no, the door molding isn’t the one that can slide forward to remove. Only the DOHC moldings and the rear small molding can do that. The door one you actually have to pinch the clips from the inside. You need to remove your door panel, and make a slit in the plastic mist cover. Then you can pinch the clips from the inside and remove. The very last clip toward the front cannot be pinched, but you can slide the molding off that one.

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I explain in good detail how to remove the door moldings and the door handle.

or if you live in canada or anywhere that uses too much salt on the roads you can do like me and wait for them to rot off! :frowning: (this after i paid someone to paint it less than a year ago)