Tire Bearings, Good or Bad?!?!

Just got back from the store and my car started to shake…bad! At first I thought I blew a tire so I checked it. nothing! That’s how bad it shakes. It happens when i get above 20mph. The rim isn’t bent and the tire pressure is fine. Checked the lugs and there all tight. I don’t fell it in the brake peddle so I don’t believe it’s a warped disk. It’s coming from the passenger side, either front or rear not sure yet. i need help!!!:frowning: :uhoh:

Jack the car up and check the wheels out. could be wheel bearing, ball joint, just dont drive the car till you get it fixed.

I did I know nothing about suspension! Everything looked normal…I guess?! No grease, oil or snapped off pieces. It’s coming from the passenger side and I still don’t know which tire. How long and would I be able to do a job like this. Is there a book I could get for help. Hondas For Dummies or something.