Tire Pressue for 205/15/15

As the subject says, what’s is a good pressure to run, without getting over/under inflated wear?

I’m assuming you mean 205-50-15 instead of 205-15-15. In any case, anywhere between 33-35psi is good for fuel mileage, tire resistance to punctures. But shortens the life of the tire, loss of traction, etc. Optimal would be around 30-32psi.



hah ya 205/50/15 :stuck_out_tongue:

so I would get better traction etc. running 30-32psi? but lose gas mileage?

are you saying the higher the psi the more it will resist getting a puncture? how so??

the recommended air pressure for your tires in designated on the side of the tire itself… different tires use different air pressures to achive thier designed performance… look on the sidewall and you’ll see a maximum psi number usually either 35-44-or 51 psi… for any givin tire an acceptable air pressure setting will be anywhere from 4-6 psi LESS than the maximum number that is molded on the sidewall… of course if you really want to get anal about it you could do the math on the maximum load capacity -vs- your vehicle EXACT weight under normal driving conditions… and your air pressure being lower does NOT automatically mean more traction… traction is achieved by the correct amount of air pressure/temerature, and rubber compound IE: treadware rating… when the tire has the correct air pressure it allows the correct contact patch to the pavement. correct contact patch = correct traction. dood im such a tire geek LOL…