Tire question??

I have 14 inch alloy’s I need two new front tires. I had some 195/60 yokaoma H4’s. I don’t know a whole lot about tires so if anyone could give me an idea of a decent performance tire to where I only spend about 60-70 per tire. If not I’m probally just gonna go with some radials.

Also which would be better for drag racing or autocross…steal rims or 91 alloy’s?

You can get falken azenis in 14s. There’s a thread going on right now about those tires at the general forums.

when i had 14’s i liked my toyo proxes h4.

I’m getting Bridegestone Potenza RE950’s. I have also had Dunlops and Firestone SH30s. The Firestones were decent, although they are fairly loud. Everything I have heard about the Potenza 950’s has been good, and the specs looked god for a compromise tire so that is what made my decision.


i didnt think u could get performance tires for 14’s unless they were slicks? when i had my factory wheels it was so hard to find good tires. and since im not into the big wheels and stuff i just went with a lightweight alloy wheel. i can find almost as many performance tires as 16’’ or 17’’.

Lighter is Better:D