Tire Question

Just wondering if anybody has tried a 215/40-16 on the back I have a 205/45-16 right now. I know by the tire calculator there is a small diference but not much.


its on the rears. u can go decently wide on the rears. do u really need to bother changing from that size to the 215/40/16? i hope ur area doesn’t have many pot holes or anything. cuz you’re just getting thinner and thinner.

i think i’ve heard u can go like 225/xx/xx on the rears.

I run 215/45r16 rt615’s on a 33+ offset fno1r-c front and back with -2.5f/-3r camber slammed. I am tucking almost an inch of tire in the fenderwell. This summer when the rt615’s are done which are going on a year and half so far and never been rotated and still look only half worn, I am going to bump up to a 225/45r16 A048 and increase the camber to get them in there. Even with the camber I am at now it is barely, and I mean barely noticable, so I think increasing it a degree front and back to get them to fit will, looks wise, be negligible. And if anything increase the handling in corners not only from increasing the contact patch of the tire on the ground but also from the increase of camber.

If you want to see a pic of how low it is with the +33 rims, 215/45r16’s tires, and the current camber so you know I am not bs’ing you or just for visual reference I can post a couple up. The pics I have are old too, they are from a month or 2 after I slammed it, which was about a year and half ago. I can tell since then the springs on the type2 coilovers have settled and the car has gotten lower… :rockon:

id like to see pics just to see how that tire size fits. i hate how they dont make a 205/45/16 in the rt615’s.

I will post some around 6pm west coast time. I should be at the Apt. by then and get on the laptop.

Now these pics are only a couple days after I put the suspension on. That was over a year and a half or so ago. Since then the springs have settled by close 3/4" and gained about half a degree of camber front and back.

sup dude,…

Looks nice, what shocks/springs and rim width are you running on this Teg?

Any rub issues with that wheelgap?

I don’t like my wheel and tire sizing… I swapped my rims over from my old civic to the teg when I got it. On my second Gen civic sedan they were great, but not the best on the DA… so I need to do some wheel/tire shopping soon.

Here’s a question for all of you reading this,… what’s your favorite wheel/tire setup and what changes did you make to run 'em?

I’m running 195/55R15 Nexen N2000’s on 15x6.5" 35 offset 4 bolt rims.
-Lowered 2" on Eibach springs and Koni Yellows.
-1.5F/1.5R camber on ITR Alignment specs.
-no issues since it’s practically stock sizing.

(please include all related data like above if possible)

-Lowered around 3" on gen1 Function&Form Coilovers
-215/45r16 (going to a 225/45r16 in a couple of months)
-Will be rolling the fenders ever so slightly and increasing the camber a degree to get the 225’s under
-No rubbing issues at all right now
-16" 4 bolt Fno1r-c
-RT-615 tire(looking at going to the Yokohama Advan A050)

[QUOTE=japanjay;2004613]-16" 4 bolt Fno1r-c

How wide are those rims? kinda look like 7" :smiley:

Yeah they are 7".

how do you like those funtion type one coilovers? i havent heard much about them, only the type 2’s. i was hesitant to consider because i didnt know how much of a drop they provided.

I run 225/40-16 when I use 16" wheels. Rubs the inside rear a little bit if really low

The coilovers are the gen1 type2’s.

What offset are you running with the 225/40r16 and also do you have any pics? Side, back, and from the back angled slightly to see down the side of the car at ground level?