Tire size: 205/55/r15 ?

Hey, does anyone run 205/55/15 on their teg? If so, do you have any pics? Will this hurt my gas mileage? My acceleration will be a bit slower, I realize. I’m asking because I might be getting some used rims with that size tires on em. Thanks guys!

PS: Has anyone heard anything about Hercules tires? I’ve never heard of em myself…

i got 205/50/r15 i like i do not notice anything different

Yeah, I know that 205/50 will work fine, I’m asking if anyone runs 205/55/15

There isn’t a 15 inch size that perfectly matches the rolling diameter of the stock 14s, 205/50 is a little small, 205/55 is a somewhat large. The combo will be about 3% larger in diameter, shouldn’t cause a problem.

yeah as long as you’re within 3% or 4% you’ll be ok.


there ya go. 10th line down

I had some Hercules tires on my Civic Hatch a long time ago. They were pretty sticky and the tread looked pretty damn aggressive. The grooves were way deep and the blocks were chunky it looked like you could go off roading in them. They are cheap tires and were good for me at the time. I really didn’t push them hard tho so their performance is questionable.