tire suggestions

I was looking into buying some temporary rims and tires for my car until I can save up enough to go buy the rims ires of my dreams. well my car needs tires now, I don’t have enough and so I am thinking of buying cheap ass rims and tires and then next go around I will buy my real rims and all that. anyways here’s the deal, I can get 16" rims (don’t know what brand, probably some generic brand looks like enkei wannabes though, never looked through an enkei catalog) with nitto nt 450’s on them for $400. here’s the thing, I have heard pretty bad things about the tires, with only a couple of good experiences, most complain about dry weather traction (what I’m looking for). anyways I was thinking about it and although there are complaints it is mostly from people looking for upper-level performance, I just want something better then what I have now which are yokohama s306 195\60r14 temp A traction A tires, the rims are just for some sort of styling, I want to upgrade my tires, so would the nitto’s be better then my current yoko’s? ANY help would be much appreciated I have been looking for help for days. thanks guys

anyone know about yokohama s306’s vs nt 450’s?

I have Kumho Ecsta Supra’s… i don’t know what they cost in your size, but they are $79 for my 17" size - and I have NO complaints or problems with them. I’ve heard nothing bad about them and everything bad about the Nittos.

i recently went through the whole tire process and asked for help… a few people said the pirelli p7000s were very good and they were very happy with them… i got them from tire rack for 65 bucks a piece i think… i have stock gsr rims so it’ll be more expensive … but they have excellent performance and look great too… if you just want something not to expensive with great performance i recommend these

it seems that almost no one has s306 tires, I found one review giving them 3 out of 5 stars, and a whole bunch of reviews on the nittos which gave 5 stars out of 5, and one 1 star, but even the 5 stars said traction was not what was claimed. does anyone know if nitto nt450s will be better then yokohama s306’s? I have been looking into kumho and I will look into pirelli, but I don’t know if I can get $400 for rims and tires if I want different tires, guess i will check…thanks guys anyone else?

save up and get dubs.

if not, some pacers would do.