I need some new tires for my 92 GS-R. I can’t decide which to pick. I want a set of tires with good grip and handling, but at the same time, they need to last. Brnad doesn’t really matter, and it doesn’t matter whether they are low profile or not. Please help.

as far as grip goes, there’s somewhat of a compromise with tread life. stickier, grippier tires usually won’t last as long as those all season h-rated tires that will last a long time, but won’t grip nearly as well as the z-rated tires. you’ve got to decide what it is you want. why don’t you go with a v-rated tire, since that’s a little bit in between the two types of tires.

i have pirelli p7000s on my gsr rims… definetly very sticky and they have a neat looking tread :slight_smile: i think they’re supposed to last 10,000 miles… i like em :slight_smile: