Just got somenew uniroyals puton my car from sears (the michelin pilots I had on wore down in 30,000 KM so they gave me 60% off) anyways was going around a corner at about 60KMH and i could feel a tire skipping on the road. when I got home I checked and realized my tired pressure(s) were at 38 PSI, soI lowered the preassure but I also realize that the weigh bolts arent on any of the wheels… what does this mean?

What’s a weigh bolt?



not sure if thats what there callled but the little weights that they put on each rim, I think its for balancing or something? their not there anymore…

Where is this located exactly?



Very often, they’ll put those weights on the inside of the rims for a cleaner look, and also if it’s on an aluminum rim, it can corrode the finish if they put it on the outside. So check the inside of the rims to see if they’re there.
If you actually don’t have any weights, get it out on a freeway and if you notice any vibration, take it back to the shop and get them to balance your tires (if they don’t do it for free, punch them :defend: )

first off, the reason your tire pressure is high is because you’ve just drove your car. heat expands air=higher air pressure. check tire pressure only when it’s cold. secondly there are three reasons why you don’t see the weights. 1. they are in the inside of the rims. 2. they used the stick on weights 3. they forgot to install em (highly doubt it). And finally the reason your tire hopped is because the michelin pilot are pretty good tires compared to uniroyals (depending on which ones you got).

Their Tigerpaws, when I was away on vacation my parents put them on because i kept putting it off (wanted GSR mesh rims) anyways guess i just got a set of shitty tires…

the air pressure could have been set at 35c cold when they installed them, it will rise to 38 no problem at higher speeds its normal. btw what a/p did you lower it too? not all tires require 32psi. if they have a higher maximum, say in the 44 or 51 psi range. your dropping the a/p could lead to the tires being operated under low air pressure condition and wear them out faster.

Not sure what the tire calls for, but arent u supposed to follow the driver side door ratings?

Originally posted by integra91jay
Not sure what the tire calls for, but arent u supposed to follow the driver side door ratings?

There are tire pressure specs inside the drivers door? If there are then they must be for the stock tires and if you replace the tires I would use the specs on the tire itself.

yeah like ryuyszh said… even if there are recommended a/p’s on the door. they are for the oem tire. best thing is to have it set 3-5lbs below the max. but if you wanna get anal about it you could do the math on the load capacity of that actual tire and the weight distribution on your car… my BFG’s max at 44psi and i run 40 all around. never had a problem. air pressure affects a car in alot of ways, best thing is to find a pressure that works for you,the car and the conditions you drive in. HTH