To stick with Toyo Proxie FZ24s or not to ??? better ones for same price?

need at least 2 new tires maybe all 4. 2 tires are worn pretty bad from bad camber, which was the front 2 tires, rear didnt wear as much, so i took the fronts and put em in the back and backs with less wear up front. I figure i could get away with getting 2 new ones for the front. and the less worn ones for the rears to save buying 2 more for now. I have a hard time finding these tires online to buy or local. I got these rims w/ the tires…and they seem nice… any suggestions of a diff tires or stick w/ em???


A520’s are very cheap and stick way better than FZ4’s. I had A520’s and now I’ve got T1S’s and I’d say the A520’s are just as good in dry, but the T1S’s absolutely kill the A520’s in wet. Though the T1S’s are a lot pricier than the FZ4’s and A520s…

SP9000s all the way, more expensive, but longer treadwear, STICK in the rain. The FZ4 is 300 treadwear, while the A520 is 200 at the most, …I think it was 180, slip in the rain.
SP9000s is also 300 or 280…

FZ4s suck though thatz for sure; slip in dry AND totally in the rain

I ran them on both of my cars…(my old car I bought since they had just come out, my teg, they came with the rims when I bought them used)

My favorite is the SP9000 and the Bridgestone S-02 Pole position.

e-da9 where can i get a link to some prices/pics of those tires???


I concur about the A520s. Had those for a while (read: little while). Like Max said, the treadwear sucked. But, they were still good tires to have for a while. I like just about anything Bridgestone. I have had several different “models” of their tires, and have yet to be unimpressed. However, for the money that you would put into a S-02 tire, you may want to consider your other options.

I would say your best bet for spending some money would be to get a camber kit. Ride on your 15s (I believe you still have them) for a while, and install that kit. It is an hour and a half (max) hour job (on the Progress kit). I saw the kind of wear you had on those tires in the other thread. How many miles did you put on to get them that bad on the inside?


i got a ingalls front kit and washer trick in the rear and no more wear. Still rolling on the same tires tho. The 15s I am still thinking of selling. If i get $1000 together to waist, I could get it, but dont wanna spend my $ i have now… If i get the $1000 i can get the b17a engine sitting at the junkyard and then store it and save for the auto- manual swap with the b17a :smiley: i think id rather sell some stuff and gain a better engine and 5spd :slight_smile: to much dang stuff to buy.