To those with a B16 or /b18C1

What header are you guys using? like are you using the B18A header? or the B16 ?

Don’t matter, they’re all the same, as long as it’s for a “B” series engine.

I’m using the ITR headers on mine.:smiley:

See i’m worried about it connecting to the cat.

they sekl the adapters for that so don’t even worry.
Check out this site

I was givin a DC 4-1 header. As we know 4-1 headers don’t fit on G2 B18A1 integs…Well I made it fit. I started at 4pm and finished at 3am. Two of the bolts on my stock header connecting the top to the bottom stripped, so i had to hack saw them off. Then I had to take out my AC pump, some reinforment ****, and cut away some crap with a bolt cutter because the saw couldnt do it. Well now I’m in soo much pain for working the whole time. It hurts to breathe… But I got that bitch ass 4-1 header in. There were a couple of times when I wanted to cry because it looked hopless.

if you had a 4-1 header for a 00 si, it fits with the ac and everything. since u did a swap, the cross member support, probably the reinforcement thing u took out, has to come off. the length is good, but the two holes on the end of the header are turned to accept a 00 si cat, we had to cut the flange off the cat and turn it, then welded it back on.

I didnt do a swap… this is all stock. The header is from I think a B18 or B16 I’m not sure… but anyways I made it fit on my B18A… heh heh… I have a test pipe so thats how the flanges fit.