Toe alignment after a lower BJ change?

I’m pretty sure I don’t need an alignment (especially toe alignment) after I’ve replaced the lower ball joints since I won’t be touching the outer tierods… is this true? Just making sure.

I really don’t care about camber alignment since I’m not running any camber kits… I’m asking only about toe alignment… if it’s needed after a lower bj replacement… thanks! :read:

You usually need one after replacing almost any part of the suspension. After swapping out parts and retorquing everything, the suspension almost always settles slightly different (sometimes it will be a lot farther off than others). For example, if there is significant play in a bushing or ball joint and you replace it with a new one, the alignment is almost definitely going to be different afterward (and would probably have not been in alignment before anyway if there was very much play in any of the parts). I’ve pulled my suspension apart just to change an axle and it was out of alignment afterward. A lot of shops will check the alignment for free.

Ahh interesting… never really thought of the bushings and other things shifting when torqueing everything back up… thanks for that info. Guess I’ll just wait till I replace my lower ball joints before bringing it in for an alignment.

Sucks cuz my toe is off and don’t really want to drive the car since I just got new tires…

yes i do this at work after you replace any part of teh suspension compantant u should always get it aligned where i work we check everything before we make any adjustments if you have a bad bearing or ball joint tie rod it will throw toe off everytime due to the play etc etc…