Toggle switch for A/C?

Hey guys! I’m new to electrical system and have no idea where to begin. As the title says, I’m looking to replace my oem AC button with a toggle switch as my oem AC button finally crapped out.
So far I’ve disconnected the AC button’s harness and left the assembly out (blower resistor needs to be replaced/fixed so the fan only works on highest anyway lol).
ove been told from other mechanic friends that it’s possible to wire a toggle switch for my AC but I just need to figure out how.
Any help at all would be very much appreciated!
Btw I have a 93’ Integra, LS hatch

Why don’t you just replace the switch? I 'm sure someone here has an extra they could ship to you.

I have one. Hit my email in my profile. I’ll let it go for shipping and change.

wanted to see if i could get away with a toggle switch since i didnt even think to check with the bro’s and gals here haha

awesome, will do!