Tokico blue assembly and install ???

I have treid searching but couldn’t really find anything to help me. I’m in the process of installling them and there is a debate amoung my friend and I about how they should be assembled. I have included a few pics.

I think the bump stop should be under the spring retainer then the bump stop plate then retainer. Does that sound right? He seems to think the bump stops go on top of the retaining plate. I have never seen a set up like this but I am new to performance upgrades. The new spring does seem to be a lot shorter though.

I actually installed one of them already and the shock spring seems a bit short. It looks like once I put the wheel on and take it off the jacks I will have a 4" drop.
I really don’t want that much of a drop. I’m only looking for about 2". I can screw the bottom retainer up but it still won’t preload the shock. Please can anyone shed some light on my situation? I really don’t want to have to put the stock shocks back on until I find out the right way to install my blues…D

What kind of coilovers are you using?

I looked and they say Tanabe on them but I just assumed they were Tokico because I bought them all together…D

thats super wrong. the two black things i think are your bumpstops. i think they come with teh shocks. frist you will only need one bumpstop, and throw away your stock one.

the order should be thing, from top to bottom.

top rubber bushing (the metal sleeves connect the top and the bottom one)
the top hat
bottom rubber bushing
the coilover top hat
bump stop

all this should be on the piston in that order

good info, i will need to look at this when im putting my coilovers on

thanks…I will remove the extra bumpstop…D

whats wrong with these pics? can someone supply pics on how these look on the shock please?