tokico hp warranty

does anybody know if tokico would take my hp blue shocks back? i’'m using them with neuspeed yellow springs. i think they’re a 1.75/1.5 drop. has anybody done this warranty return in their past experience? can you shine some light on what i must do. thank you in advance. i bought these from ebay btw and im not sure if they were an authorized dealer from tokico. the struts still has the warranty sticker on them and i do have a receipt from paypal. lmk your opinions cause all 4 is hella dead or worn out. and got damn they worn out hella quick.

The only thing i can tell you is contact whoever you bought them from to try and send them back to them. Do you have a receipt from whoever installed them because if you installed them yourself they will probably try to use that against you.

The only way you can exchange them is if YOU bought them NEW… Usually they come with a registration card… Fill it out with purchase date, what shock you bought, what you installed them on etc… Thats usually the only way the warranty works…OR if you bought them new, go back to where you bought them, and if they are legit people, they will exchange them or send them in for exchange for you!!!

i have heard that the warranty on tokico blues are void once coupled with any type of lowering spring or coilover. so if thats true, you might have a hard time with the warranty.