Tokico Illuminas???

Where can I find a set for a great price? I’ve searched and can’t find any sets for our cars other than eBay and they were around $500. Aren’t these supposed to be like $200 cheaper than Koni Yellows? If I can’t find these for around 250-350 I will just end up getting Koni Yellows.

I want the Illuminas because I have an extra set of Ground Control sleeves that I can use for them. The sleeves will not fit Koni Yellows and Illuminas are pretty much the next best thing to Koni Yellows.

Lol idk who gave you that info but it is false. Tokico blues are 300$ for all 4 new. The illuminas are just about the same cost as the koni yellows, just a lil cheaper. Your better off getting the koni.

Ebay has the best pricing for either shock.

There are people on HT, CI, TI and others that have said that Illuminas are cheaper, even $200 cheaper than Koni yellows. But I’ve never seen them that cheap. That’s why I was wondering where are they getting them from.

I’m with you. They’re just a little bit cheaper than Konis. I’m just going to get the yellows.

Koni yellows are sweet on a da, but pricey.
If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, I recommend KYB AGX. Adjustable dampening, really nice ride quality, have lasted me many years on lowered vehicles. And you can get them for only $100 per shock! Great bang for the buck!
Check out rock-auto, ordered my last set from them, good price.
I currently have kyb agx on my fronts, and koni’s on my rear with tein s-tech springs. Great daily setup, sweet tight handling.

Oh, I’ve run tokico blues in the past with a one inch drop and HATED them. Felt like I didnt have springs! Made me not trust tokico, especially when there tech told me they wouldn’t do a thing about it.

I bought my tokico ILK kit, illumina and tokico springs, last summer from for $335 shipped. They have held up rather well through a Nebraska winter on my DB2. Was trying to check the price on their website but it has been a pain in the ass.

Hey CokeSlap how much did those Tokico springs drop your car?

About 1.25" all around. Riding a bit lower than stock but at least I don’t need to worry about the roads or the snow. Though I have been looking at a weeee bit lower of a drop.

Also the spring rates on the tokicos are something like 451 front/337 rear. So its a bit stiff but by no means unbearable.

In retrospect I should have probably just gotten different springs from the start but for $335 for all new struts and springs I have no complaints, especially coming from the old worn stock suspension bits. Also with that small of a drop I need not worry about running a camber kit yet.